Member Spotlight

Each quarter the chapter will have a "member spotlight" on a chapter member that is making a difference in nursing.  If you have recently presented or published or done something that you would like to share - please let us know!  We would love to put the member spotlight on you!  

Fourth Quarter Member Spotlight:  Nancy Tahara       
Our fourth quarter member spotlight is on our newly elected Counselor, Nancy Tahara.  Nancy lives in Hawaii and works for the University of Phoenix.  We are so excited to have Nancy join our Board of Directors!  
Please tell us a little bit about yourself in terms of your career in nursing (what areas you have worked in and what you are doing now) 

After I graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pa I worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit for many years at several hospitals. I then transitioned to a small community hospital and worked nursery, postpartum, and labor and delivery.  After that, I left the hospital setting and went into the community setting. I worked with the United States Marine Corps at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in a child abuse prevention/treatment home visitation program for several years. That was a great job!  It was at this time, that I attended the local University of Phoenix (UOPX) campus and received my Masters of Science in Nursing. Later, I started teaching for the University of Phoenix. After a few years, I became the Campus College Chair for the University of Phoenix Hawaii campus. I have had several titles here at UOPX. Today, I am the Academic Director of Undergraduate and MSN (non-FNP) Programs.

How is nursing different in Hawaii than on the mainland? 

That is a really good question. The culture in Hawaii is much different. I used to get frustrated with Hawaii’s relaxed island lifestyle. I was an east coast wound up Type A personality. I have come to appreciate the calm but effective way to be productive.

What have you been experiencing or witnessing in Hawaii in relation to COVID-19? 

Restaurants and many stores are closed. Most people are working from home so there is very little traffic. Beaches are closed. But you may run or surf. You are not allowed to sit or stand on the sandy beach. Almost everyone is wearing a mask when outside. Our Covid-19 numbers are not significant yet so the hospitals are well stocked with PPE and staff.