Member Benefits

Welcome to all of our Omicron Delta/STTI members!  If you are a new member, you may want to review the  New Member Information Guide first.  We are so happy to have you as a member in this special organization.  We share in your pride at being a part of an organization that requires a high level of excellence in nursing and education to even be invited.  This organization is rich in the history of nursing research as well as helping others - locally, nationally and internationally. 

Membership is often recognized through the cord that a member wears during graduation or displays in their office with their membership certificate, and in many ways our membership does begin with this recognition of accomplishment.  As time moves on and our membership continues, it becomes a professional opportunity to grow, through leadership and education conferences, networking and continuing education.  In fact, many organizations use membership in STTI as part of their career ladder criteria, so don't forget to list your membership on your resume or CV!. 

Through our membership page, we encourage all of our members to learn how to make the most of their membership.  Take the opportunity to attend an event, volunteer for a committee, submit an application for a scholarship - the choice is yours!  Being a part of Omicron Delta and STTI is something to be proud of, and we are happy to be making a difference with all of you.

Membership in STTI and Omicron Delta has many benefits that we hope our members take advantage of.  In addition to the information below, be sure and review the STTI Member Benefits page. 

  • EDUCATION:  Education is important to nursing professionals, and STTI recognizes that.  Our education page explains many of the opportunities available to members, such as continuing education coursesSTTI publications and the Virginia Henderson Research Library.  
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: STTI and Omicron Delta believe in supporting our membership through scholarship.  Scholarships are available for all members in many areas, such as research and professional development.  BENEFIT - SCHOLARSHIP.
  • NETWORKING AND COMMUNICATION:  In our busy, fast-paced lives, networking and communication are a necessary tool that nurses need to keep up-to-date on trends.  Members will find many benefits in this area, such a the professional network - The Circle, newsletters and volunteer opportunities and more
  • SERVICE:  Omicron Delta is very active in service at the local, national and international level.  Members can be involved in these meaningful activities at every level.  Project Linus, and Project Malawi are all organizations where our members can make a difference.  BENEFIT - SERVICE
  • LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AND CAREER ASSISTANCE: Members can advance their career through STTI resources such as Career Assistance.  Leadership opportunities are also available through chapter positions (Leadership Succession)!