General Membership Meeting

Calling all Members!!!  Don't miss the Omicron Delta General Membership Meeting!

What is better than one all member General Membership Meeting?  Two all member General Membership Meetings!  Omicron Delta has decided that all member General Membership Meetings are so great that we decided to host two of them!  In the fall, the chapter will host a free CE education-based meeting where a topic will be discussed and a free online course will be available to all members.  Then, in the spring, Omicron Delta will host another general membership meeting where members can share research they have been working on or professional development activities they have completed.  All of the meetings are virtual and are held asynchronously over the course of a few days so members can log in and participate at any time that is convenient for them!  To participate, members simply log on to The Circle with their e-mail and member number.  They may view the discussion threads and post as much or as little as they would like.  If you have never used the Circle before - we have created a video for you to show how to log in and access the chapter's Circle page:  Getting started on the Circle - Log In

2020 Fall General Membership Meeting: 

Omicron Delta will host a free CE meeting where a topic will be discussed based on free online courses available to all members. The meeting will be virtual and held on Omicron Delta's discussion page.  The meeting will take place September 16-19 and will center around climate change. 

  • Nursing in Climate Change: A Call to Action

  • Exemplars of Nursing Leadership on Climate Change and Health 

  • Health Sector Solutions to Address Climate Change

Information on accessing the climate change courses will be posted in August.  After the meeting concludes, we will present two Incentive Awards ($25 Amazon gift card) to the members who demonstrated the most substantive participation.

So mark your calendars and plan to join your Omicron Delta colleagues at our Fall General Membership meeting!

Archived General Membership Meeting:  

2020 Spring General Membership Meeting:  Omicron Delta Member Showcase

Omicron Delta invites all members to participate in our Spring 2020 General Membership Meeting. This meeting will take place in our Circle Discussion Forum and will begin with check-ins on May 27, and discussions the following three days—May 28-30, 2020. For the first time ever, the focus of our meeting will be to showcase our members. We seek to feature what our members are doing in terms of clinical practice or evidence-based projects, research, and student work such as practicum projects or dissertations. Our goals are not only to feature our members, but also to share best practices and spark collaboration among members across the United States and in other countries.

After the meeting concludes, we will present two Incentive Awards ($25 Amazon gift card) to the members based on the following criteria.

  1. Most substantive participation by an individual member.
  2. Author of project that yielded the most number of discussion responses from different members.

Here are some important notes about sharing your work:

  • When posting about your work, be sure to maintain privacy and confidentiality by not identifying your organization.
  • These can be individual or team projects.
  • These can be posted as a narrative discussion post, presented in a short video linked in your message*, or addressed through an attached poster.

*Our new Executive Director, Maria Kelnhofer, is available to assist with technology issues related to videos, linking in messages, etc. Her email is 

2019 Fall General Membership Meeting

Meeting Materials: 
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Officer Reports:  
The following officers will have reports available for membership review and discussion:  
Vice President - Membership Engagement 
Counselor- Eligibility
Immediate Past President - Service
Leadership Succession Report - Elections

Education Resources:
Omicron Delta Conferences - Early Years
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