Please join the Omicron Delta Chapter in welcoming the new members of our chapter for the 2019-2020 year.  Congratulations!  
It was wonderful to get to celebrate membership with so many of our new members!  Feel free to share this induction video with your family and friends.

During the chat section, phone numbers were blacked out for privacy.


Induction Ceremonies

Omicron Delta will typically host a few inductions each year.  Inductions are held in a virtual format.  New members are not required to attend a ceremony but they are encouraged for those that would like to celebrate their accomplishment. 

Membership packets are mailed directly by STTI and generally go out within 60 days of your induction date.  Membership packets include a membership card and certificate but not an honor cord. 

If you wish to purchase an honor cord, please use the link provided:  STTI Honor Cord

Congratulations to all of our new member inductees! 

Dorothy Alaniz Nicole Demase Ciara Kelly Loretta Moussavi Alicia Lynn Silva
Marissa Appleby Cynthia DiSanto Sholanda Key Daphne Nauta Fiji Simmons
Cathy Banks Jinmozelle Evans Syreeta Kunsman Aldona Nowak Yesica Soto 
Carlene Barbosa Jazz Fajardo Chakara Lands Sydney Ogden
Stephanie St Leger
Robin Boehmke Lee Fitzgerald Zemma Lee David Ott Nina Suzette
ReJane Branch Sandra Y. Flores Hae Ryun Lee Amber Parks Tiffany Swanson
Farida Arrabel Carreon Diego Maria Fonseca Mary Beth Lee Sara Parks-Conyers Jennifer Teebay
Preshus Catchings Kristen French Therese Loe Kimberley Puthoff Kelly Twilling
Emily Chandler Jeanette Hastings Ivy Lopez Eli Resendez Jacob Udeme
Michelle Christian Loretta Hill Shelly Patacsil Lum Kemoy Ricketts Christine Urabe
Sophia Christoulakis Sharanda James Michelle Mabrey Nicole Roberts
Maria Cecilia Venturanza
Kathleen Conlon Linda John Sehyaabeah Mayu Teresa Robinson Charles Vincent
Cynthia Cortes Amber Johnson Tabatha McNeal Heather Rushmore
Katherine Wickes
Donna Marie Curran Trisha Jones Elsie Melgar Anthony Sabado Mickaye Wiliams
Jeannette Davila Gina Keedy Teresa Miller Elaine Scott
Darlene Winterkorn