Election Results

Congratulations to our 202 newly elected members!

Antoinette Dziedzic

Retired Campus College Chair at University of Phoenix
Mechanicsburg, PA

I am humbled and honored to serve another term as President of Omicron Delta chapter of Sigma.  I believe that the experience gained in my twenty years as an active member of the chapter will help to not only sustain our chapter, but may help to propel Omicron Delta into new frontiers with our members. Our chapter has enjoyed tremendous success in Sigma due to the dedication of our board members.  I wholeheartedly understand the courage that it takes to lead with love. I intend to use the wisdom that I have accumulated from Sigma events and the leaders within Sigma and Omicron Delta to continue to drive our mission and vision of global nursing excellence.

Pamela Fuller

Retired Campus President with Chamberlain University
Phoenix, AZ

I am very excited to serve in the role of Vice President. One of my goals is to increase member engagement. Now more than ever we need to stay connected to our professional organization (SIGMA), our colleagues and nurses locally, nationally, and internationally.  I welcome your thoughts and suggestions on how to engage our members on issues that are affecting us today and in the future. We have the infrastructure through SIGMA to connect with nurses globally, let’s take advantage of it.  Please reach out to me through the CIRCLE and let me know what is on your mind and how you would like to connect with members of Omicron Delta and SIGMA. Thank you for the opportunity to serve in this role.

Alison Collins

Director of Operations – Omicron Delta Chapter
Scottsdale, AZ 

As an employee of the Omicron Delta Chapter for the past 15 years, I have a special plan in my heart for Omicron Delta.  As I am stepping away from being an employee with the chapter, I am so excited to be able to stay connected as the new Treasurer.  Because of my knowledge of the chapter’s finances and budget, I accept the challenge of filling some very big shoes and will do my best to maintain the chapter's financial stability.    

Nancy Tahara

The University of Phoenix Registered Nurse/Program Chair of online RN to BSN program, & online graduate nursing program (non-FNP)
Kailua, HI 

I am honored to be chosen as Counselor for Omicron Delta. I will work hard to promote our fine organization. Thank you to all.

Susan Engle

Nursing Education Consultant
Fairfield, CA

As a member of the Leadership Succession Committee, I will be committed to Omicron Delta members in helping to develop and prepare others for leadership roles. Through my professional and academic experiences, I am prepared to take on this opportunity.