2020 Fall General Membership Meeting: 

Welcome to all members who are participating in the Fall General Membership Meeting.  The Fall GM will take place from September 16th through September 19th.  This meeting is virtual and will be held on the Circle Discussion Forum.  A check-in message will be posted on the discussion page on September 16th and the officer reports will also be open for discussion on the 16th.  (To review the officer reports, please follow the links below).  Discussion threads will be posted on the 17th, 18th and 19th.  The focus of the discussion thread will be on Climate Change in relation to health.  There are three CE courses below that members may take to obtain free CE credits and this will be the content that is discussed during the General Membership Meeting.  

Officer Reports:  
Please use the link below to review the Omicron Delta Officer Reports: 
Officer Report Page (will be available on the 15th of September)

Meeting Materials:   Omicron Delta is hosting a free CE meeting where climate change and nursing will be discussed based on free online courses available to all members. The meeting is virtual and held asynchronously over the course of a few days so members can log in and participate at any time that is convenient for them!  To participate, members simply log on to The Circle with their e-mail and member number.  They may view the discussion threads and post as much or as little as they would like.  If you have never used the Circle before - we have created a video for you to show how to log in and access the chapter's Circle page:  Getting started on the Circle - Log In

  • Nursing in Climate Change: A Call to Action (Awareness Focus CE for 9/02/2020)

  • Health Sector Solutions to Address Climate Change  (Awareness Focus CE for 9/16/2020).     RSVP for CE here   

  • Exemplars of Nursing Leadership on Climate Change and Health

Information on accessing the climate change courses is below.  After the meeting concludes, we will present two Incentive Awards ($25 Amazon gift card) to the members who demonstrated the most substantive participation.
Nursing in a Changing Climate: A Call to Action
Action to reduce climate change can significantly improve health, with policies that move us towards global climate goals having demonstrable health benefits. On this webinar, speakers will provide a brief overview of how climate change impacts human health globally, the strategies and solutions to address climate change, and how nurses and nursing organizations can lead in moving forward just and equitable climate solutions.
Click below to link to the course video                              Obtaining CE instructional video


Heath Sector Solutions to Address Climate Change

On this webinar, speakers will provide an overview of how the health sector contributes to climate change and showcase initiatives being instituted by health systems and health organizations to reduce climate pollution. Speakers will additionally share how health infrastructure can be strengthened to build community resilience and improve preparedness and response to climate-related health risks.
Click below to link to the course video                              Obtaining CE instructional video


Exemplars of Nursing Leadership on Climate Change and Health
Across the nursing professions, nurses are taking up the mantle to lead in addressing climate change. Nurses are in key positions to lead the profession and are key collaborators with other health professionals to address climate change. On this webinar, hear from nurse leaders as they share examples of how nurses can lead within their nursing practice to address climate change and how they are inspiring others to take action. 
Click below to link to the course video                              Obtaining CE instructional video

Officer and Committee Chair Reports