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The Omicron Delta Chapter is located at the University of Phoenix and has over 2,000 active members around the world. Our goal is  to connect with our members wherever they live. Indeed this is a challenge, but fortunately our members provide excellent leadership, offering creative opportunities for service and scholarship events at many local campuses and online.  If you would like to learn more about our chapter, we encourage you to explore our site!  Communicate!  Volunteer!  Apply for a Scholarship!  Get involved in Service!  Learn more about Membership and Member Benefits!  It's all right here!  Welcome to Omicron Delta!  

Infusing Joy in Challenging Times

Dear Omicron Delta nurses,
First of all, I hope you are all staying safe, taking care of yourselves and your families. As I spend time now under state-mandate to stay home, I have been reflecting on our current Sigma Call to Action. Not only can we Infuse JOY during these critical times, but it is imperative that we find ways to do just that! We cannot allow social distancing to mean social isolation, which as we all know is not good for mental health and stress reduction.
Allow me to reflect on the ABCs of of the Call...Awareness: are we aware first of all of how these changes in our normal work and home routines are effecting us personally? Are we aware of our neighbors now that we may not see them out and about? What about friends and family scattered around the country and maybe even the world? We can become aware by reaching out. Balance and Purpose: every single person in this country is being impacted by changes in work, home, schools. Those who counted on their work and school contacts, bridge or book clubs, exercise workouts, and especially expressions of religious faiths regardless of the tradition are being forced to face dramatic changes. How are we all coping? Or being able to move beyond just coping to actually find new meaning and purpose in such times? Co-Creation: with awareness, efforts to reach new balance and purpose, we are called to create new opportunities, find ways to break down social isolation while maintaining social distancing.

Remember, it may be the little acts of kindness, simple acts of love that make all the difference in the life of a friend, family member, neighbor, or global colleague. Who ever thought sharing a roll of toilet paper could mean so much!!  Please share what you have discovered to bring JOY to others in our discussion.

We are always a nurse - 24/7. So whether you are on the front lines of this epidemic or serving in nursing education to prepare the next generation of nurses, or one retired but feeling the call to build connections amidst social distancing...I know you are living LOVE, COURAGE, and HONOR daily from your heart because you are a NURSE. 
With deep gratitude for all you are and all you do...Angie 

Congratulations to our newly elected members!

Antoinette Dziedzic

Retired Campus College Chair at University of Phoenix
Mechanicsburg, PA

I am humbled and honored to serve another term as President of Omicron Delta chapter of Sigma.  I believe that the experience gained in my twenty years as an active member of the chapter will help to not only sustain our chapter, but may help to propel Omicron Delta into new frontiers with our members. Our chapter has enjoyed tremendous success in Sigma due to the dedication of our board members.  I wholeheartedly understand the courage that it takes to lead with love. I intend to use the wisdom that I have accumulated from Sigma events and the leaders within Sigma and Omicron Delta to continue to drive our mission and vision of global nursing excellence.

Pamela Fuller
Retired Campus President with Chamberlain University
Phoenix, AZ

I am very excited to serve in the role of Vice President. One of my goals is to increase member engagement. Now more than ever we need to stay connected to our professional organization (SIGMA), our colleagues and nurses locally, nationally, and internationally.  I welcome your thoughts and suggestions on how to engage our members on issues that are affecting us today and in the future. We have the infrastructure through SIGMA to connect with nurses globally, let’s take advantage of it.  Please reach out to me through the CIRCLE and let me know what is on your mind and how you would like to connect with members of Omicron Delta and SIGMA. Thank you for the opportunity to serve in this role.

Alison Collins

Director of Operations – Omicron Delta Chapter
Scottsdale, AZ 

As an employee of the Omicron Delta Chapter for the past 15 years, I have a special plan in my heart for Omicron Delta.  As I am stepping away from being an employee with the chapter, I am so excited to be able to stay connected as the new Treasurer.  Because of my knowledge of the chapter’s finances and budget, I accept the challenge of filling some very big shoes and will do my best to maintain the chapter's financial stability.    

Nancy Tahara

University of Phoenix Registered Nurse/Program Chair of online RN to BSN program, & online graduate nursing program (non-FNP)
Kailua, HI 

I am honored to be chosen as Counselor for Omicron Delta. I will work hard to promote our fine organization. Thank you to all.

Susan Engle

Nursing Education Consultant
Fairfield, CA

As a member of the Leadership Succession Committee, I will be committed to Omicron Delta members in helping to develop and prepare others for leadership roles. Through my professional and academic experiences, I am prepared to take on this opportunity. 

Apply Now for Scholarships!

As chair of Omicron Delta's Research and Scholarship Committee, I encourage you to consider applying for a research or professional development scholarship. Research scholarships can be used to fund any aspect of your research activities, whether you work in education, clinical nursing, or institutional research, or are enrolled in doctoral studies and conducting research required for your degree. Professional development scholarships are awarded to chapter members who wish to attend or have been accepted to present at relevant nursing conferences. In 2019-2020 we have research scholarships and professional development scholarship available for members who meet the published criteria. For more information about these scholarships, please visit the chapter's Scholarship page.

Scholarships are available for the benefit of Omicron Delta members. It is always so exciting to award them, and then hear about the innovative and creative things that our chapter members are doing! Applications for both types of scholarships will be accepted until June 30, 2020 but scholarship funds will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis so don't delay!  (Submitted by Sandra Wise, Scholarship Chair) 


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    The Omicron Delta chapter is proud to announce the hiring of our new Executive Director, Maria Kelnhofer.  Maria comes to the chapter with a strong background in technology, organization and member engagement.  We are so excited to have her be a part of our great chapter!  As a member, you will start to notice exciting changes to our web site, chapter communications and membership engagement activities.  Welcome to Maria!  
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    Visit our new membership renewal page for a list of membership benefits and quick links to get your membership renewed today!  We need you!  Let's keep our Omicron Delta membership base strong!

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President's Message

LEGACY – “If you are going to live, leave a mark on the world that can’t be erased”
– Maya Angelou

On July 1, 2018 I stepped into the role of Chapter President. I wish to express much appreciation to Dr. Antoinette Dziedzic for her amazing leadership these past two years as president. Not only did she inspire with insightful ideas but truly she led with love, courage and honor! Antoinette – you leave a legacy!
As I reflect on the direction I hope to take with the chapter during my presidency, I am drawn to the idea of LEGACY. We build on the legacy of those who have gone before us and we add to those who will follow. Allow me to share some reflections on LEGACY.
My journey with STTI began in May 1968 – 50 years ago!! 50 years of membership is LEGACY. At my BSN alma mater, nurses who graduated 50 or more years ago are considered the LEGACY graduates and are celebrated each year with a reunion and at the 50th year are re-pinned as they were at graduation. I am a BSN LEGACY alum. In 2018, Omicron Delta Chapter celebrates 20 years of chartering. All year various events have been planned to celebrate the LEGACY of the chapter to the nursing profession. And we celebrated the LEGACY of all the Omicron Delta leaders who built what we are today.
The Omicron Delta LEGACY of service – hundreds of lives of children have been comforted by blankets through Project Linus; many families in developing countries have gained access to clean water through our contributions to water.org; thousands have received medications in clean, childproof containers through the Medicine Bottle Project in collaboration with medical missions worldwide. Just a few ways we have created a LEGACY.
In the next few years, not only will we continue our dedication to the above service activities but create more,  such as the Don’t Rush to Flush Education Program to keep our domestic water supplies drug free. Stay in contact with the Chapter through frequent visits to the website. Be a part of our actions to build LEGACY through love, courage, and honor.

In the words of Warren Buffett – “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”.


Yours in LEGACY building,

Angie Strawn

Chapter President 2018-2020