President's Message

Antoinette Dziedzic, PhD., MSN, RN
Omicron Delta President 2022-2024

Thank you for your commitment to the mission of Sigma, Omicron Delta, and the nursing profession. You are REmarkable! 
With Much Love, Courage, and Honor..

I am humbled and honored to REpresent the Omicron Delta Chapter as your President. This is my second time serving the chapter in this role, so I guess you could say I am a REpeat President. In the dictionary, RE is defined as once again or as a matter of intensity. As such, I have a REnewed REspect for all of our members, chapter and regional leaders, and Sigma. I have been actively involved with this chapter since it was chartered in 1998. Sigma, University of Phoenix and Omicron Delta hold a special fondness in my heart and I REsolve to continue to devote my time and talents to the success of the chapter. You were REcommended to join Sigma because of your outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service. YOU have something unique to offer! I REcognize that you have knowledge, experience, and wisdom to share and hope that this message will REsonate with you.

My message is three-pronged:
Remember, Reconnect, and Renew!

REMEMBER: Remember how excited you were to be invited to join Sigma! Remember how you felt sharing the news with your colleagues and family! Remember learning about the honor society’s founding values of Love, Courage, and Honor! Remember your induction ceremony and the joy that you felt with your accomplishment!

RECONNECT: Explore Omicron Delta’s chapter website for opportunities to Reconnect and REkindle RElationships with faculty, colleagues, friends, and chapter leaders. Reconnect on The Circle, Sigma’s private online networking community that REaches nursing peers from around the world. Perhaps you will REignite your love of REsearch and REinvest in your education. REcharge and REfine your career with RElevant REsources available with numerous online nursing continuing professional development. REorient yourself with chapter service activities. I encourage you to stay connected through our website: where we post all our events, committees, and scholarship opportunities.

RENEW: Renew the excitement that you felt when you joined Sigma and were inducted. Renew your spirit of self-discovery by attending one of the Awareness Focus Chats, Knots, Needles, Notes and Nibbles or the No Book, Book Club. REgister your points in the Footsteps program and REdeem for Sigma swag. You have a REputation for Excellence. I hope you will Renew your confidence in your leadership. Be a Mentor or Mentee. Finally, be sure to Renew your membership annually. It was an honor to join but it is a REsponsibility to REaffirm your commitment. to Sigma.