Scholarship Program

In supporting Omicron Delta's vision of nurses helping nurses, the chapter offers a comprehensive scholarship program.  Through the chapter's scholarship program, Omicron Delta awards research scholarships and professional development scholarships.  Applications may be submitted any time during our fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).  Once all funds have been distributed, the scholarship process is closed until the next July 1. 

Program Guidelines
  • Applicants must demonstrate eligible criteria by completing the online application. If an applicant demonstrates eligibility criteria for more than one scholarship and/or wishes to be considered in more than one category, a separate completed application including funding criteria specific to each scholarship must be submitted.

  • Active Omicron Delta members are given priority consideration by the Committee.

  • The Committee reserves the right to award designated scholarship monies in any of the categories to more than one qualified applicant.

  • Applicant must be a Registered Nurse with a current, unencumbered RN license in any of the fifty United States. Licenses will be verified through the NCSBN process.

  • Omicron Delta will be noted as a supporting or sponsoring factor in applicant’s presentations or research.

  • Tuition reimbursement is not considered as a scholarly effort and is not eligible for funding in any category other than the Academic Scholarship program.  

Eligibility and Application

The research and scholarship committee of Omicron Delta is dedicated to the processes of awarding qualified applicants scholarships for the purpose of research and publication, as well as provide a forum to showcase and disseminate nursing research.  The three scholarship categories are listed below with their criteria.  After reviewing the criteria, you may use the link below to submit your application.  Once received, the chapter will confirm the receipt of the application and let you know when you can expect a decision from the Scholarship Committee.  Application Link (coming soon)  

Professional Development:  Past President's Scholarship for Professional Development
The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize Omicron Delta members who wish to attend or present at a professional nursing conference.  Requests for professional development that meet the criteria will be based on discussion of the committee members who will come to a consensus.   Amount requested not to exceed $1000. 
Professional Development Criteria  

Research:  Dr. Sandra Wise and Dr. Pamela Fuller Research Scholarships
The purpose of these two scholarships is to recognize researcher(s) for his/her dedication to academic excellence, professional development, leadership potential for promoting healthier communities and efforts demonstrating evidence based research and practice. Amount not to exceed $1000.00 per applicant. 

Research Scholarship Criteria

Academic Scholarships

Omicron Delta also offers ten academic scholarships to UOP nursing students in the form of membership dues reimbursement.  An announcement regarding the process of offering this reward is made on the chapter Circle page in the spring of each year.
Academic Scholarship Guidelines