Hats for the Homeless

Get involved!  The chapter encourages Omicron Delta members to host service activities in their communities.

The Hats for the Homeless Project is a year-round effort; we encourage stitchers from all over to contribute hand-made hats that will warm the heads of children and adults each winter. 
If you would like to participate, please knit or crochet a hat in any yarn, any style, any size and donate to where you feel there is a need in your community.

If a member would like to host a Hat event in their community, they may contact the chapter to discuss how the chapter can help find donation sites and tips for making this an effective event.

Through member outreach, Omicron Delta continues to support activities that provide handmade hats to children and adults in need.  This service activity allows chapter members all over the country to participate and contribute locally in their own community.

No-Sew Fleece Hat instructions below...