Passport through 2024

Footsteps through 2024

Begins: January 15

Destination: December 15

.....Find ways to build connections with members for lasting relationships
.....Track your personal footsteps to win prizes and recognition, when you attend CEU seminars, awareness focus chats and participate in volunteer service initiatives.
.....The more footsteps you complete, the more swag you will be awarded!

Come with Omicron Delta on an active/experiential Journey that awards you for your engagement, educational pursuits and service.

App instructions below

Once on the app...

Click activity and find the link to participate.
Have fun and take part in as much as you can.

Only enter activities completed from February 15 - December 15, 2024
(except Scholarly Activities that may include activities for all of 2024)
Info and registrations are found on a button in each category.
You may come back and enter an activity each time you complete it.
(If applicable, the category will allow one entry/day)

Please note:
  In order to receive a reward, a minimum of 25 footsteps must be achieved.